Progress does not stand still
and neither does Alexanderwerk

Compaction & Granulation Experts

Alexanderwerk has partnered with leaders in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.  For over 75 years, we have used our compaction and granulation expertise to solve difficult powder handling processes improving material flow and process consistency across all industries. 

Modern machines from Alexanderwerk can help you improve your manufacturing processes, increase your throughput and efficiency, and eliminate problems and bottlenecks.  Our experienced staff can help you explore how our technology can work for you.


Maximizing Operational Productivity., Controlling Costs., Mitigating Risks.

Global Leader in Dry Powder Process Technology

Our parent company, Alexanderwerk AG, was founded in 1885 by Alexander von der Nahmer and began its business by selling manually operated meat grinders. After his death, his two sons navigated the company through challenging times including global economic crisis’s and world wars and were able to turn Alexanderwerk into a household name with products ranging from bread slicers, graters, Christmas tree stands and scales. Since then, the company has been continuously evolving to meet industry demands.

Today, the Alexanderwerk Group is a leading manufacturer of high-technology compaction and granulation machines for the chemical, food, life science, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries. For decades, pharmaceutical and chemical companies all over the world have been using solutions supplied by Alexanderwerk.

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