Granulation Course at the University of Sheffield (UK) in July 2019

The program for the “hands-on” course at the University of Sheffield is in place and Alexanderwerk will, as in previous years, actively participate.

Mr. Manfred Felder will represent the Alexanderwerk in Sheffield. Mr. Felder (authorized signatory and manager of process engineering) will introduce the practical knowledge of how to operate and handle a roller compactor as well as the details and theory of dry granulation to the numerous international participants.

WP 120 Pharma test side by side comparison – A true success for our WP 120 Pharma

You get what you pay for…  A true success by an Alexanderwerk customer on the performance of the WP 120 Pharma Roller Compactor. A global pharmaceutical customer approached Alexanderwerk to perform a comparative experiment on two specific drugs.  The tests would focus on granulation of an anti-cancer drug (Palbociclib) and a muscle relaxant (Mirabergron).  Production […]


Increasing your efficiency and drive down your costs with Alexanderwerk Roller Compactors! A new Alexanderwerk customer was previously using a local machine that needed 5 cycles to achieve the required 60-65% granules for their process.  Each cycle only yielded 10-15% granules. The remaining product needed to then be sifted and recycled back for re-compaction, which resulted in […]