Granulation Course at the University of Sheffield (UK) in July 2019

The program for the “hands-on” course at the University of Sheffield is in place and Alexanderwerk will, as in previous years, actively participate.

Mr. Manfred Felder will represent the Alexanderwerk in Sheffield. Mr. Felder (authorized signatory and manager of process engineering) will introduce the practical knowledge of how to operate and handle a roller compactor as well as the details and theory of dry granulation to the numerous international participants.

The Granulation Course takes place in Sheffield (UK) from July, 8th throughout July, 10th, 2019 .

Program 2019University of Sheffield

1. IntroductionProf. Agba Salman, University of Sheffield
2. Material Science for PowdersProf. Gerhard Niederreiter , Nestlé Research
3. Continuous Wet GranulationDr. Ranjit Dhenge, GSK
4. Fluidised Bed Drying ProcessProf. Agba Salman, University of Sheffield
5. Continuous Lean and QRMDr. Dave Doughty, Hallidex
6. Mixing and Blending of Solid MaterialsProf. Jim Litster, University of Sheffield
7. Milling and Tableting : Principles and MechanismsMr. Nigel Somerville Roberts, NSR Innovation
8. Measuring, Analysing and Modelling Particle SizeProf. Gavin Reynolds, AstraZeneca
Practical sessions 
1. Twin Screw GranulationDr. Ranjit Dhenge, GSK
2. Roller CompactionMr. Manfred Felder, Alexanderwerk
3. Extrusion: SpheronisationDr. Csaba Sinka, University of Leicester
4. Batch GranulationMr. Nigel Somerville Roberts, NSR Innovation & Mr. Thomas Lansdorf, EIRICH GmbH & Co KG
5. TablettingDr. Vikram Chouk, Addivant Global Technology
6. Finished Product CharacterisationDr. Riyadh Al-Asady , University of Sheffield
7. Continuous Tabletting Line CTL-ConsiGma25Dr. Chalak Omar, University of Sheffield
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